Things to do Near Kings Cross

What to do around Kings Cross?

One of the most important objectives of the new urban development of Kings Cross was to open this renovated area to the public after 150 years of industrial use.
The main public parks, squares and gardens are open to everyone who wants to enjoy them. Two new bridges have been built over the canal and the access side steps has been optimized and the Wharf Road Gardens. The new roads are pedestrian and bike friendly, so getting around the area is very easy.

Things to do Near Kings Cross

You can download these two maps with public access to this area of Central London to know what to do near kings cross:

King’s Cross Area Travel Plan (4 MB pdf)

King’s Cross Public Access Routes 2015/6 (2 MB pdf)

This is not the only reason for its popularity, as through recent development, the Kings Cross area has become an elegant place that includes hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes that provide a wide range of entertainment for visitors.

If you’re planning to visit Kings Cross, then you’ll find this usefull list of options with some of the best things to do near Kings Cross Station:

1. Platform 9¾ At Kings Cross Station

Platform 9 3/4 At King’s Cross Station

Are you a harry potter fan? Then your visit to London must include a visit to the platform no. 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross Station. All those Muggles who does not get the enrollment letter from the Hogwarts need not be disappointed as they still have the chance to get a picture at the famous platform 9 ¾.

This platform is present just outside the famous Harry Potter shop. At the platform 9 ¾, you will find a trolley half embedded into the wall and yes, there would be along waiting line of the Muggles too, for the picture taking purpose.

The platform 9 ¾ get the fame for the famous JK Rowling novel Harry Potter and now there are millions of fans out there who would love to live a moment into their favorite movie.

Get yourself clicked with the props including hats, scarfs, and glasses form the Hogwarts. You can also make your our fun pictures by simply adding some of the creativity.

So if you are a Harry Potter fan garb you stuff and add platform 9 ¾ in must pay a visit places in London. Enjoy your summers noon sitting on the steps and enjoying the foods form some of the best food spots in London.

2. The Fountains At Granary Square

Trust us if you have never seen the most beautiful fountain dance scene that is in Granary Square. Granary Square is known to be the most buzzing one near King’s Cross Station, and is one of the most enjoyable things to do near Kings Cross in summer.

The fountains at Granary Square

Well, at this beautiful place you can witness the sight binding dance of the over 1000 fountains that dance throughout the day and light up in the dark.

Along with the mesmerizing fountains to amaze the visitors, this also contains various restaurants and known as the best place to find the mouthwatering brunches. If you want to try some of the amazing dishes from South East Asia, then this area the right place for you.

The canal side hub is known to be the most relaxing spot during the hot summer days to get relax on the steps of the canal. For the comfort of the visitors and the locals, the steps of the leading down to the canal are carpets in order to make them more comfy and relaxing.

So enjoy your summers noon sitting on the steps and enjoying the foods form some of the best food spots in London.

3. The Global Generation Skip Garden

The global generation skip gardenIf you are a nature lover, then there is no place more peaceful than the Global Generation Skip garden. It is an urban garden who contains flowers, beehives, chicken coops, herbs, and vegetables. You must be wondering, what could be so special in a garden.

Well, here is the twist, in the Global Generation Skip Garden you find the homegrown vegetables and herbs plant in a garden that is moveable. This garden is a community effort and offers the foods in the in-house garden restaurant where the whole ingredients are handpicked from the garden.
The whole garden has been made from the recycled material mostly picked from the construction site.

The global generation skip garden

Do you know what the most interesting thing is? This garden as we already mentioned is a community effort according to historian over 1000 hand participate in the construction of this garden.

The whole garden is planted in the skips which allow the mobility of the garden to anywhere want.
So whenever you want to eat something healthy and naturally grown, pack your bag and pay a visit to the Skip garden. Enjoy the nature of its boom and also the healthy and mouthwatering food.

When is the best time to visit London

4. London’s Regent’s Canal


Things to do Near Kings Cross

How about a little stroll across the Regent’s canal? The canal that connects the Lime house basin and Paddington basin through 8.6-mile waterway is another must pay a visiting spot in the King’s Cross.

Starting from the heart of the King’s Cross, the canal following a blissful route towards the Camden. There are beautiful and colorful houseboats and the luxurious waterfront apartments on the way.

Not only the houseboats and the warehouse converted apartments but the area also offers the wide variety of restaurants along the sidelines of the canal.

We can bet that while thinking about London you may never think of a place like Venice in London.
The regent canal has earned its reputation as the little Venice with the narrow boats across the canal.
So, take out your umbrella and walk along the regent canal to praise the serenity and calmness of the environment.

5. London Only Floating Bookshop


LONDON ONLY FLOATING BOOKSHOPAre you a book lover? If you are, then we have just the right place for you to find some of the most amazing books in London. You must be pretty much amazed by this particular bookshop.

The Word on Water is London’s sole bookshop that is established over water. The roof of the 1920s Dutch barge is the prime spot for the large variety of highly affordable books.

This place is not only famous for the books it contains but it also organizes various music concerts and poetry events. So sooth your artistic senses with a visit to the Word on Water bookshop.

The 1920s Dutch Barge has been restored after an extensive campaign and is now anchored permanently near the King’s Cross station at Granary Square.

6. Prision Cell At Clink 78

Prision Cell At Clink 78We certainly know that nobody wants to visit a prison cell ever in their life. We all have a bit of curiosity as what’s inside of a prison cell look like? If you are the curious one then clink 78 is just the right place to satisfy your curiosity.

Clink 78 is a modish hostel, which has been transformed into the Victorian style courthouse. If you want the thrill of a hostel yet need a secluded private room in the night for a good night sleep, then clink 78 is just the place of your desire.

The place was once a courthouse, now the courtroom has been redecorated as a common room. The idea of the Clink 78 is to gain experience to people who want to have an experience of the inside of a prison.

The rooms are designed into the bunkers with the toilet seat at the corner of the room. There are various rooms and the dorms available for stay.

According to the popularity analysis, the prison bunkers are everyone’s personal favorites. All the rooms in clink 78 feature the old English heritage and a true picture of the police or prison custody.

So while at London why not to experience a night in the prison cell?  CHECK CLINK78 TODAY’S VALUE DEAL

7. Simmons Bar

Simmons Bar

We all have to face the video game craze at some point in our life. If you still want to relive your childhood gaming experience, then her is the Simmons bar at the King’s Cross area.

Like any other bar, the Simmons bar is also a lace with drinks. You may find the original fun downstairs. Downstairs the Simmons bar is a place with the retro SEGA mega drive gaming console.

Keeping in view the manufacturing date the game console should be referred to the museum.

It is still there at Simmons bar and in a perfect working condition. So play your heart out and relive your childhood again.

The Simmons bar is present at a minute walk from the King’s Cross. The place is known for its notorious taste in music and a cocktail in a teacup.

8. The British Library

The British Library

This library has a copy of all publications made in the UK and Ireland with a total of 150 million articles in the collection.

The institution has an area open to the public with permanent and temporary exhibitions in the’John Ritblat’ gallery.

In addition, access to the reading areas can be requested. Between the walls of the British Library you can find the First Folio of Shakespeare or the famous Gutenberg Bible.

9. Caravan King’s Cross

caravan kings crossThe original Caravan is on Exmouth Market and is a small place.

However, King’s Cross is a huge pub with an industrial but cozy design and a delicious menu that includes dishes with duck and egg or chorizo.


In addition, only in the King’s Cross Caravan you can enjoy delicious pizzas of the best quality.

10. Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection

The Sir Henry Wellcome pharmacist’s collection is probably one of the most curious in London.

For those who like museums but have already visited the most famous museums in the British capital, the Wellcome Bulding is a different option.

Wellcome Collection

Visitors can enjoy a collection of antique medical instruments and even see Napoleon’s toothbrush.
The temporary exhibitions are accompanied by talks and associated events.

Where to stay in King’s Cross

If you’re going to visit all these places, then there’s nothing better than checking out the Hotels in Kings Cross to make this area of central London your starting point for your trip around the UK.

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